Mobile Market is on ripe in Offshore Software Development

Wednesday May 24, 2006

Do you know the mobile market is on ripe in Offshore Software Development business and selling the product to various destinations like China, India, US and some cities of UK? But what is making the market ripe-up is the pretty asserting question we posed to the Software Developers of the IT Company....

Offshore Software Development Life Cycle

Friday May 12, 2006

For the process of Offshore Software development the important thing is software security. The general perception including some of technologies like firewalls, malware protection and intrusion prevention systems throughout the Offshore Software Development life cycle is all that required to keep information secure for the end product development.

However, with priority these Offshore Software development technologies are mostly reactive with nature and do not prevent the vulnerabilities....

Offshore Outsourcing to India by technical writing

Monday May 08, 2006

For common man or layman, the Offshore Outsourcing would look like a waste of money and time, as well as gratuitous complication. But for big businessman, Offshore Outsourcing is like godsend. Due to awareness of entrepreneurs, often there is a requirement to write a business manual and PR....