Dream up your way to India for Offshore Software Development as Microsoft imagine cup 2006. Microsoft is now aggressively on to India for IT services. They are in the heavy plan to have their vast presence in the country for IT services. Company at present calling all techno-savvy country students and graduates out there for better Offshore Software Outsourcing services to India. Company has total six categories to recruit the talents – Software Design, Information Technology, Short Film, Algorithm, Interface Design services, Project Hoshimi and Programming Battle. Company is to hire talents for these six categories for Offshore Software Development services in India.

Though, the main category is Offshore Software Development services and Design. While the other five categories are to achieve online and registration for these categories are already over. Software Design gives university and academy graduates an opportunity to implement their imagination and come up with inventive software applications applying the Microsoft.NET Framework 2.0 and Windows platform and other Software skills.

In this competition teams can also choose to utilize a mobile mechanism, the Microsoft.NET Compact Framework, ASP .NET or SQL Server. Participants are anticipated to come up with and cultivate their own thoughts they may move towards their lecturers for advice or suggestion for this competition. In fact, each group requires having a Faculty adviser, who will be taken into account a part of the group, and will ensure the winning team to the intercontinental final round. According to the experts it was absolutely meaning investing the time and the difficulty to assist the team because they are, after all, doing for their country.

Competition of Offshore Software Development

For this competition of Offshore Software Development, three rounds apart from final will be held in New Delhi, India. Experts and professionals say that the cup serves not only to enhance advancement among tertiary students and skills, but also to endorse friendly contest and communication among them. It would also help in understanding Offshore Software Outsourcing services in better manner. For this competition of Offshore Software Development, teams also have to e-mail a general idea or summary of their project, incorporating the concept, application overview and screenshots along with the architecture.

The whole procedure will move further on the basis of their submission and teams will also be short listed for the advanced round. Microsoft will also be arranging workshops during the three rounds to guarantee participants are on the right track for the competition.
This seems to be one of the best ways that Microsoft conducts every year to find out proper talents and skills through out the world for the Offshore Software Development services.