With the increasing demand in India and China, Offshore Software Outsourcing and IT spending in the Asia-Pacific region would grow more than 50 % to reach 163 billion American dollar 162.5 by year 2010. According to research by one organization in the Asia-Pacific region that out spent some of Japanese firms on offshore software outsourcing for the 1st time during previous year, to the tune of 107 billion American dollars as compare to, Information Technology spend in Japan have been reached 106 million American dollar in year 2005.

Offshore Software Outsourcing Markets

In current year the spending on offshore software outsourcing for the Asia-Pacific region is likely to grow at 9 % to hit 116.5 billion American dollars. China is dominating with 41 % of all 2006 incremental growths, and India is in 2nd position with making up 24 percent. Over the next few years Offshore Software Outsourcing markets in India and China will continue to grow, it was discussed in Web conference held for journalists.

Microsoft also told that it will help by training 1,100 instructors & 20,000 software and IT professionals and would offer online study courses to another 51,000 software engineers. The software giant organization is going to invest 31 million American dollars in the IT-projects. The firm will provide consulting and training for 3 designated Chinese organization in software application development. It would definitely provide some basic universal courses, other training and curriculum development. These 3 Chinese companies are expected to increase their sales by several million US dollars. The time when it would have big partnership with any of Chinese organization and clients, could really succeed the company, said officer. It is the 2nd major investment by the global giant Microsoft in China in during one month of period.

In year 2002, it signed an agreement with the commission of China to begin co-operation for Offshore Software outsourcing. In the deal it was provided that Microsoft would give investment and contracts worth 750 million American dollars within next 3 years to help China nurture its IT industry. Offshore Software Outsourcing spending in nations like India, Singapore, Korea, Australia, New Zealand and Japan would focus on software services due to very high level of complexity and legacy systems.

First time offshore software outsourcing service buyer has increased demand in China and made it strong. It would be a worth while and significant software development by considering within 10 years, the hardware expenditure of China was just one quarter of Japan. The highlight of the point is the disparity in the level of maturity for the Software development and IT markets in the Asian region. So, during year 2006, the majority of Offshore Software Outsourcing spending in nation such as Vietnam, Indonesia, China, the Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, and Malaysia would be due to 1st time service buyers.