India is one of the most demanded countries for Offshore Software Outsourcing services globally. India, at present is on the top of the list for IT services globally. India is the country with lots of local as well as overseas brand names with it for IT Outsourcing services. Along with this the country has the wide pool of IT professional and talents with the latest technology and IT facilities. India also has the best reputation for overseas services in almost all the aspects. But in last six months or so some cases of frauds and other issues have come out in the picture and that has damaged the image of Offshore Software Outsourcing industry of the country. But the country has decided to overcome these problems at once and not to let these problems spoil the image of the country for the IT Industry globally.

India has decided to take some certain and firm steps to get rid of these challenges. To overcome this issue, country is to establish a regulatory body to enhance the level of confidence, safety and security in companies that are offering overseas IT services and business process outsourcing facilities to the globe. The proposal has been lead by the National Association of Software and Service Companies (NASSCOM), to lessen the fears about Indian data security and confidentiality in the wake of happenings of call center data theft and other fraud issues.

Destination for Offshore Software Outsourcing

The technology exchange organization also endeavors to promote the region as the safest destination for Offshore Software Outsourcing and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) amid rising challenges and competitions from other Offshore Outsourcing locations globally. If India will not take any necessary steps, than the country will have tough time ahead. The significant and crucial objective of developing the SRO (self-regulatory organization) is to lift the floor in confidentiality, security and safety principles in Indian Offshore Software Outsourcing image and services across the IT industry globally.

It is also true that security and privacy affairs and interests have been recognized as the largest obstacles to free dealings and operations globally for Offshore Software Outsourcing services. This regulatory body in India will set standards and principles for privacy and security concerns, and observe its members to guarantee that they stick to these standards during any IT Outsourcing dealings. If it encounters breaches of the principles or if anything goes wrong, it will consider a variety of penalties that could involve banish members or involving law enforcement, according to the spoke person from NASSCOM

For the success of this issue, NASSCOM will also provide training to companies that require support in order to be acquiescent with the security standards and services for IT Outsourcing. This is just one of Nasscom’s latest attempts to enhance data security and privacy in India for Offshore Software Outsourcing.