India one the leading giant and service provider in IT Outsourcing industry is also gaining the name and fame for BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) services. Software services to India is the most demanded one globally and India is also famous for BPO and call center services. But over the last one or two years India’s IT Outsourcing industry with BPO services is on the boom. Now companies from abroad are not looking towards India for Software Outsourcing services but now they are also looking to have their presence for BPO and call center services. More and more companies are now entering into India for call center presences.

The main reason for the interest of the overseas company’s for the call centers in India is the grip on English language of the Indians. India has wide pool of talents having the fluency on English language. India is also one of the countries having the largest pool of English people. Along with this the labor rate is also very low and affordable for the overseas countries. India is also well developed country for infrastructure facilities. Good geographical locations and lower cost of the development also attracts the overseas countries to have their presence in India. These are some of the factors for which overseas countries are aiming at India for BPO and call center services.

IT Outsourcing services

In IT Outsourcing services, India is very much demanded and on the top for the Offshore Software Development services. India also have no. of globally demanded brand names. But now along with software services India is also doing well for Call Center and BPO services. India’s IT giants like TCSWiproInfosys and many more are also showing active participation for call center and BPO services. TCS form India was also the global market leader in BPO sector in (Offshore Outsourcing) in 2004 and still doing very well globally along with IT Outsourcing services. Even MNCs having their presence in India for software services are now looking to have some business in call centers or BPO sectors apart from regular IT services.

We can also have the idea about the demand of IT Outsourcing and call center services to India by the presence of no. of overseas companies in India. Australia also have good presence in India for call center sector. According to the news, call center companies from Australia are almost savings 50-70% of the cost by having their presence in India for IT Outsourcing services as call centers. This figure itself indicates the credit value of Indian talents and how much one can gain by having presence in India

Along with Australia, America is also actively participating in India for IT Outsourcing and Software Outsourcing services. In his recent visit to American president George W. Bush also encouraged the process of Offshore Software Development to India.
So these are some of the ideas about the demand and credit of India globally for BPO and call center services along with IT Outsourcing services.