IT pros and their views on Offshore Outsourcing sound fair enough according to the latest survey. They are not the opponents of Offshore Development process. They are involved in this business because of so many different reasons. Some of them are earning their livings by getting involved in this overseas service, some are in near-shore locales for some different purpose, while some people are doing it to reduce the cost of the overall development process. And some are involved in Offshore Outsourcing because of the heavy competition in the market and challenging atmosphere. But when these IT Professional were asked about the overall process of Offshore Development replies from them were horrible.

When they were asked about the process of Offshore Outsourcing, some of them acknowledge it as there’s sometimes a compelling economic case and it makes favor of the process. But the general imagination in the mind of the public is the advantage of cost cutting by Offshore Development services. And such attitude leads them to the select this business process no matter whether their business requires it or not. They just select this business process of Offshore Outsourcing to reduce the cost of the business. IT Outsourcing process at present is on the boom in the market as no. of IT companies daily get involved into it just to save the money and nothing else. It is also one of the reasons that many IT companies are paying for their blind selection of the process.

Process of Offshore Outsourcing

In this conversation the IT pros told that there are mainly two reasons that companies are selecting the process of Offshore Software Development. First is to cut the cost of the business and the second to concentrate on their own business. In the process of Offshore Outsourcing, the service providers always try to keep their prices lower and snatch away the local market of any of the countries. According to some experts the process of IT Outsourcing is always slightly more difficult than the onshore development services.

These IT Pros are also finds another problem with the process of Offshore Outsourcing. They say that companies are not doing it for the right purpose. Quality is again a problem in the process of IT Outsourcing. To reduce the cost companies are not concentrating on the quality of the products and services. Some experts also states that companies involved into the Offshore Outsourcing business would not be able to save the much amount from these dealings as there are lots of hidden costs associated with this process. In the past downsizing was the solution for any of the company to reduce the cost, but now Offshore Development seems to be the alternative of downsizing.

Some companies also go for it to gain the advantage of the overseas talents and know-how. In short proper market study is must before commencing any of the overseas deal. You must be clear that why the company should adopt Offshore Outsourcing.