The increased popularity of agile offshore software development processes over past few years since the agile Manifesto signing, it has led to increased popularity for iterative development, whether those groups go for agile or not. At the time of adoption of iterative process key consideration is selecting longitude of your iterations. From one week of iterations there are some common recommendations that vary for extreme software development programming teams to scrum teams. Even some of group uses longer iterations for Offshore Software development process but most of have settled in between length a week and a month.

Under all circumstance s there is no magic length, which could right for all groups during offshore software development process. There could be situation where the right length for one team on one software project might not be the right length for different software project. The factor of choosing an appropriate length of iteration is important decision; this article contains the important factors one should consider before selecting an iteration length for Offshore Software Development for the team.

Offshore Software Development

Software projects benefited from short iterations, the length of any software project’s iterations determines the following:

• In potentially shippable form how often the software could be shown to clients and users. At its mid-iteration quality level, the software could be shown to the audiences, but usually the software is potentially shippable quality at the end of iteration.
• Progress can be measured; if it is possible to get a sense of progress rate for team during iteration, but it would be possible only at the end of iteration to measure accurately the amount of work has truly been completed.
• How often the team and their clients could adjust goal during software project work by allowing some of major changes during offshore software iteration process without introducing “requirements churn” or chaos.

Offshore Software development iteration will give opportunity to gather feedback, adjust priorities and measure progress only if a team is working toward a release, which is perhaps three months away. This number is insufficient in most of cases, the general rule is that any project will benefited by having few such opportunities. If the overall duration for software project will be more than 4 months, it might be worth to consider monthly or four-weekly iterations.

While working into offshore software development some of key consideration is how long it takes a good new idea to be turned out. If the software development team commits once for completion of specific set of features during iteration, it is important that they would be not redirected from their goal, so people outside the group should not change the team’s priorities during iteration. If we assume that new ideas are equally likely to occur at any time during iteration, then the average new idea could be said to occur in the middle of the iteration of Offshore software development process.