The new trend of Offshore Outsourcing indicates the changed in the process of the overseas services. Till around one year back the companies used to send the application to the overseas locations as Offshore Development to cut the cost of the overall business. Such development job work was outsourced to the destinations like India and China. These two are IT Outsourcing giants for providing the lower cost IT services to the IT industries globally. But almost for a last one year or so the trend in the process of Offshore Outsourcing seems to have changed. Software organizations used to send just development and coding jobs to the overseas destinations only but now more and new services are also sent overseas destinations as a part of business process.

As mentioned above that Software organizations used to send the development work to reduce the cost of the development. But now they want bit more out of these deals. Now companies are more concentrating on the quality of the services and projects also. They are ready to pay bit higher but they want the quality with the lower labor cost. It seems like quality also has been one of the most important object of the overseas services along with the cost cutting advantage. Customer’s expectations from the overseas vendors are changing day by day. Now they have started to give respect to the quality of the services and projects also.

Offshore Outsourcing Customers

In the process of Offshore Outsourcing customers have also started to outsource the highly complex application development services from the service providers from India and China. Along with the Offshore Software Development work companies now also outsource the services like Human Resource, Management services, Consultancy services and many more as a part of Software services. One more thing is marked that the rapid growth of Offshore Outsourcing demand is taking place from companies in Western Europe. The increased demand will outcome in a steady rise in charging amount from the service providers also.

Along with this BPO services are also on the boom for telecom sectors. This BPO covers the process of back-office management services, HR and many other service areas. More and more call-centers are taking place in the countries like India and China as a part of Offshore Outsourcing process. In Offshore Software Development process companies now also seek for the service providers who provide the maintenance facility also.

The list of the advantages of the Offshore Outsourcing process is increasing along with the cost-cutting advantage. This list includes the objectives like flexibility and along with that it also helps them to focus on their core competencies and business values.

Still one thing is there that hasn’t changed in the past year in Offshore Software Development. That ultimate aspect is the challenges that companies are facing for the entire overseas business process. Day by day the list of the challenges is also increasing in Offshore Outsourcing.