Due to high demand of IT services, the Offshore Outsourcing boom by UK companies going to increase by fifty per cent every year, not only UK but European firms are also going to join this Offshore Outsourcing boom. The analyst companies over the world have predicted the number of companies involving in offshore outsourcing will increase from thirteen % to 20 % over the next few years.

The researcher from UK said, we are watching increasing uptake for offshore outsourcing services in the region of United Kingdom and Europe both by Indian service providers and traditional vendors. Any how it is not an add-on. They are ready to use the resources wherever they might found. But the Offshore Outsourcing India remains the first preference as offshore destination for English clients and Indian neighbor country China also features as a top three destination choice, although it’s still prevented by a lack of knowledge in English language and skills that focuses on the United States. There are many big companies increasingly look forward for near shore destinations for IT and Software Outsourcing likes of the Czech Republic, Romania, , Hungary, Poland, Russia and Slovakia.

Based on the requirements from big firms to cast their net wider and consider other options based on their individual requirements. They are tracking almost sixty nations offering services around the globe. This covers a number of trends in the current offshore development market. One new trend features organizations creating shared arrangements for sourcing in that they retain ownership yet reap the benefits from a shared vertical space. It also examines the expectation that the Indian IT market will be slowing down, and the idea that firms are refocusing not only on outsourcing but also on what makes sense for the clients. This means that all the organizations are increasingly selective at the time of choosing outsourcing partners.

Offshore Outsourcing India

As Business Process Outsourcing gains more and more ground for Offshore Outsourcing India, there is a new addition in the BPO family that is legal process outsourcing (LPO). LPO including of many range in legal processes, likes of patent application drafting, legal research, pre-litigation documentation, advising clients, software development licensing agreements and drafting distribution agreements. The Offshore Outsourcing of American legal jobs is already coming to India, as some research experts have predicted that more than 78,000 jobs of lawyers are going to move from the U.S. to India by 2015.

lawyers are going to move from the U.S. to India by 2015.
Moving forward, in the next decade China will move from manufacturing to service industry. But the difference is that being able to speak English is different for being able to think. At Indian outsourcer HCL that recently won a 150 million Euro deal, admitted India is facing the challenges of labor shortages, attrition and rising salaries etc. One can’t ignore the world wide war of talent. So to get the best talent and retain it is very tough. But China still has a long way to catch up before it could compete with India in the offshore outsourcing market.