An India based Offshore Software Development Company launches e-commerce platform according to the latest news. This e-commerce platform is an online proposal that is planned to accomplish the confronts of Internet transactions that are taking place online. It means this proposal and the platform is developed as a part of the solution of the Internet sales problems. As we all know that online sales or any transactions are many-a-times create lots of problems, so as a part of the solution this platform is developed by the Indian based Offshore Software Development Company.

The launched product or service is anticipated to present offline businesses an opportunity to acquire company’s business and selling online and aiming the niche market area. The product doesn’t seem to be perfect for the whole market area and the company is also concentrating on the niche market area for this particular product. Greater ASPs may be stepped up because of the big virtual online malls and stores, where bulky number of vendors and service providers may propose and offer a whole range and varieties along with diverse produces and service through the e-commerce online business sales solutions.

Offshore Software Development Company

Company is not only concentrating on B2C (Business to Consumer) selling proposal but also offers built-in B2B (Business to Business) selling capabilities and facilities, it seems to be another goal of this Offshore Software Development Company. Company presents a 3 directional clarification to the vendors and large manufacturing companies through this platform. It includes company’s SM (Shopping Mart), company’s Merchant Solutions and company’s OMS (Order Management System). These three are the most important and crucial functions that company are to offer as a part of the Offshore Outsourcing services.

Company’s SM (Shopping Mart) is an online proposal that permits large businesses/ service providers / online businesses to present an online shopping facility and capability through their brand to online clients and users. This SM posses a list of various characteristics as a part of Offshore Software Development services to its users. Company hopes that all these unique features allow business to arrange and direct all the aspects of online shopping services like display of the different products and services, animated presentation, shopping cart facility, wish list for the consumers, shipment facility and many services for Offshore Outsourcing services.

This plat form is an online solution for hosting-application vendors and thresholds that permit them to expand shopping applications to small and medium sized businesses and services. This seems to be a unique and revolutionary step by this Offshore Software Development Company for online shopping services.