According international research analysis study, the market for offshore software development services recorded 44 percentages and year on year it is increasing; in the 1st quarter of year 2006 there were 2 percentage increases as compared to 4th quarter of year 2005. The top ten players accounted for a 19 percentage share in the software market, with Neusoft covering the highest at 3.1%, followed by Hisoft & SinoCom at 2.8% and 2.6% respectively. Orders from Japan provided 60 % of the total business of the market. The orders from America and Europe contributed for 22 % of the market’s business while the orders from Hong Kong are contributed 11 % of the Offshore Software development business.

Instead of creating new innovative tools and technologies, Indian so called body supplying ‘Offshore Software Development’ organizations could only focus on fixing American and European legacy systems. Legacy systems are old systems that no one wants to work on as it is time tested old corporate systems, which really should be thrown out. But western company managers busy making their life easy and keep using this system instead of adopting new technologies & spend billions on Indian Software Outsourcing Organization that keep putting band aids on the bleeding and useless old systems. The lower wage in Indian Offshore Software Development makes possible to keep using the legacy systems by keeping it fix at any cost. It’s a good means of easy money for Indian Information Technology organization but that is a total nuisance for the western organizations.

total nuisance for the western organizations.
The Software project was conceived in the beginning of year 2005 and in just over within one year, India Development Centre of Microsoft has announced that it has Software Application Development which would allow people to access their office data with the PDA and smart phones. They also said that we are in a good position to launch the version 1.0 of the product. It is completely developed at India software development centre located at Hyderabad, and it was collaborative effort in-between UCG and MIDC’s centre of excellence in mobile devices.

According to media reports, offshore software development and IT consulting services Provider Company has launched a new solution framework, called as ”Legacyx” which is aimed at helping insurers to develop & implement the legacy renewal strategy. The system will provide insurance carriers within some pragmatic path that goes towards renewal of their legacy environment, for keeping in step with the realities of the modern insurance business by Offshore Outsourcing.

The offshore software development organization is in a statement to extend the features of ”Microsoft Office Communicator Mobile” that would be of Microsoft Office Live Communications Server 2005 & Microsoft Office Communicator to the Windows Mobile 2003 search engine and Windows Mobile 5.0 platforms, pockets PC edition and smart phones. The customer goes beyond simple services that incorporate to connecting communication modes likes securing instant messaging, presence awareness and integrated VoIP-telephony etc through offshore software development.