Offshore Software Development market is growing in ample, so that its set-up its network with all the Other Outsourcing and Development Market. Generally, a software company is competing with its bigger companies like IBM, Wipro, Sap or Microsoft. This cannot be taken in literally meaning, as the small and medium sized companies are not directly in competing mode with the giant scales of these Top Offshore Software Development Companies.

OK now let us understand the present scenario of Offshore Software Development India market. Since a long time, we have been continuously seeing that the small and medium-sized business of India Software have been reluctantly dependent on the Outsourcing business from countries like USA and UK for Offshore Software Development. The projects are thus brought into India for development and finishing process. The issue of thus delivering software development comes into existence. But the market is not stable in the US especially after the attack in US in 2001.

Cheap labor in Offshore Software Development available

This attack has partly or largely affected many of the Offshore Software Outsourcing companies like the IBM, Wipro, SAP, Microsoft, etc. Initially when the US government opposed against outsourcing projects, the market of IT Business was low and affected. The country was then against outsourcing, as they found human resources are much more in the country. But today their thoughts have moved further. The country is now developing and has realized to the fact of Cheap Labor in Offshore Software Development available in the countries in India, China, Philippines and few more.

The labor forces available in India are cheaper when compared to develop projects onshore. Moreover the skill labors are available in cheap, which have intently forced US IT companies to outsource their development projects. Moreover India has also improved on the part of marketing products. The planning and facilities available in the country are more planned and in order. The security facility is also increasing, so that the projects remained private and confidential between the two Outsourcing Companies.

The strong bond between the Offshore Software Development Business companies is becoming stronger though they face many small and big challenging situations. Earlier due to the attack, the IT was insecure as to whether the US or UK based companies would ever continue to Outsource projects and the companies growing in India may not reach to a futile situation. Even, the emperors of Offshore Development were afraid to face the situation.

But now the conditions and situations have change. The vulnerability of the companies has vanished as the currency fluctuation has greater impact over the number of development projects. And moreover India has a competitive edge when compared to any other countries of world. The cost and quality matters a lot, as the companies are still looking for product development and solution-based service from Offshore Software Development India. And thus the Indian units have started developing huge projects to step itself into the market of “Offshore Outsourcing”.