Depending on your context, offshore software development with small business opportunities can be viewed as a new competition threat and opportunity in new resources. The market for all those one time high paying computer programming jobs are starting to be filled as less expensive offshore software developers. Now it welcomes in the world of global competition for offshore software development, which can be viewed as a combination of both.

The person of American believes there is mostly a negative contention towards this new trend of large organizations of America for Offshore software outsourcing jobs. One might know, the underlying tone is very similar to big organizations, which only care about profits not there employee. Honestly, when the topic is big business, I can agree with points on both sides of the discussions. But, what is often lost in these discussions of offshore software development jobs are the opportunities it creates for small business.

Small business opportunity lies and being able to win local customer then clearly articulate and manage the project to offshore software developers. More time require to be spent for thinking on strategic level of concepts and rather ideas than fulfilling tactical operations level. One did not realize this by overnight and it has taken some of years to accept.

Offshore Software Development

The big question is, offshore software development a good thing or a bad thing for today and tomorrow? The jury is still out for the discussions that are usually quite lively. One tried offshore software development at the beginning for once and now it spends all day for fixing offshore developers code, they saved a boatload of money by offshore outsourcing certain tactical aspects in software development, etc. Customers for website development expect to pay cheaper rates than what they did in the 90s regardless of their organization size. To hire offshore developers with cheap rates, for profit margin allows the projects to be worthwhile. The opportunity for anybody is to spend some more time on clearly technical defining architecture, project management and by regular communicating with IT-developers and customers rather than just writing code. These points have more merit in big organization circumstances as compared to small business enterprises.

Customers wins, the organizations automatically wins, offshore software development employee win by itself due to satisfaction of the client and the profit of the organizations itself. The looser for software development landscape shift with the small business that refuses for adoption in to global competition to utilize these resources. Building walls around competitors and the industry is not the real answer, if one tries and creates global Offshore Software Development competition barriers; they are making a path towards lose-lose and lose.