Twentieth century’s last decade has seen an unprecedented growth in globalization and liberalization initiated by the government of India so that the spurt of advancing technologies, especially in the field of IT and Offshore Software Development, is definitely harnessed to make India as one of the leading nations in the field of Offshore Development. The scenario of technological development has been spearheaded by some of giant and leading organizations likes of Infosys, Wipro, Tata IndicomQuark and many more that have helped to put India’s name in the front and thus leading to all round Offshore Software Development that helped in generation of employment as well.

Offshore software development and IT

The growth of Offshore Outsourcing Development and Information Technology has brought with it many ancillary opportunities likes of technical writing that goes hand-in-hand with the development of new services. Currently this is a very important aspect for the Offshore Software Development and IT; the Tata Consultancy Services were the 1st to initiating the requirement of technical writing.

In order to work in the field of technical writing, it’s not essential to have a diploma or degree, as even a common man could become a good technical writer. The entire thing required is a good command over the language of English so the technical writer could put across his innovativeness and ideas to layman in a very simple & easily understanding manner. The basic idea behind the Offshore development of technical writing is the technology has to be communicated with the non-technical people in such a manner that they can understood the working of a gadget without having to go through lengthy texts and manuals. It’s the flair to make simple statements from complex technical explanations that is required to excel in technical writing.

India is taking big strides in some of the fields such as biotechnology, automobiles, pharmaceuticals, and Offshore Software Development with the consequences that there is increasing demand for technical writing services. So the result is that, there is booming employment potential. The writing of product manuals is encompasses by technical writing, with some other online help files, multimedia presentations, installation manuals for software development and many other applications. Especially in the software development projects and products, the technical writer has to be adept within the writing of manuals and programs of the software industry, in such a manner and fashion that the common man could not have any difficulty in understanding.

In the western countries, especially America and Europe, the technical writing is a full time job-course with in some of communication schools where many graduate, undergraduate, and Master degree’s level courses are running. This is due to the consequence of the booming Offshore Software Development job market in this field in those nations but in India there are no such courses are being offered at this time by any of the Universities, but some companies like society for technical communicators, India, and technical writers of India have taken cognizance for this important field of technical writing and have been active for propagating the very same.