Now Offshore Software Development Companies have adopted new way to interview the candidate. The phone-screening interviews which is usually arranged initially between the candidate and the interviewer. The same idea is been adopted by many small and large BPO sects like the Wipro, Infosys, IBM who are quite eager to have fresh graduates and youngsters into the industry. But the stressful work comes on the head of the interviewer when he finds out that the candidate is a misfit in his organization. And being an Offshore Software Development unit, being a deemed company, eventually finds it difficult to deal with the rejection. In fact Software Industry is not an exclusive one, rejecting an enthusiastic candidate, but having average technical capabilities cannot be designated in the current company.

Polite way to end an interview in Offshore Software Development setting is an art that can be learnt by practice. But when the interviewer is an arrogant one, then the polite manner can reflect indifference and judgmental towards the candidate. All the most the interviewer can do is skipping the remaining questions. But etiquette of any Offshore Software Outsourcing Company is not to fire right-away on their face. Patience needs to be practiced, and cannot be obtain with age.

Offshore Software Development Company will look for Candidates

Any small or medium size Offshore Software Development Company will look for candidates who can fit in the position and is multi-talented person. The candidates are forced to have been task-oriented job. But in case the HR has found that the candidate is not suitable for such a position, he must simply be kind and direct to the candidate, that he is not suitable for the position; saying this the HR recruiter can hung up the phone. The best art of using the authority is too hung up before the other guy can respond. Telephonic screening has one disadvantage, as their may be a chance to reject the qualified candidate too.

But nowadays every BPO and Outsourcing Company goes for such a process. The other school of thought says that to be honest and be diplomat in the talk is other way of handling the candidate instead of hanging up the phone. The other way which is basically followed in the interview method is to tell politely that he/she shall be called for other interviews by call which shall be placed in one or two days.

The HR of the Offshore Software Development Industry should be honest to its candidates during interview session with him. They can be polite and calm and see whether the person is really capable or not. Even if they are weak, they can be helped by the recruiter, in the later aspect of the interview. The candidate thus hearts and hearts appreciate the honesty of the company and its existing employees. But Outsourcing Software Development faces the crisis when they find a suitable candidate for the position of a Software Developer but loses strength in personality. Let us keep this topic of discussion later.