Optimation signs Outsourcing Software Development contract with Satyam recently for a long-term partnership for IT services. Satyam is India’s fourth-biggest IT Company and has global presence for IT Outsourcing and services. Satyam is one of the top most IT companies from India and provides the best quality IT services to its global clients for years. Company has vast presence not only in India but through out the world.

This the first elite contract Satyam Computers have entered into in the 53 nations where it has an existence, and it may structure the foundation for future such preparations, stated by Virender Aggarwal, Satyam director and chief Vice President for Asia Pacific region. It is going to fetch new experience to the company for IT services globally.

Companies for Outsourcing Software Development

This contract between these two countries for Outsourcing Software Development will include the terms like business intelligence and data warehousing facility, enterprise solutions services (with potentiality across Oracle, SAP, PeopleSoft, Siebel and JDE), IT Outsourcing and Development services, some other valuable IT service and facilities and asset management services. This agreement between these two companies for Outsourcing Software Development is not the establishment of new relationships as both the companies have had a six-year relationship with each other for IT services. This long term relationship has brought this agreement in to the picture to make their relationships stronger.

This contract between these two companies has led to the development services and facility of the Equip utility bulling software suite. According to the spoke person of Optimation, this partnership for IT Outsourcing and Outsourcing Software Development between these two companies has broaden implications beyond increasing Optimation’s market reputation and position among their clients. He also stated that “Satyam is a massive global player for Outsourcing Software Development services, and their partnership is a strong support of the maturity of New Zealand’s Software Development facilities and IT services capability to the globe.”

Authority person of Satyam also stated that they anticipate striking US$1 billion in revenue this year for IT Outsourcing services. The company Satyam has around 26,000 staff to provide qualitative services. At present in New Zealand one major IT player is dominating IT market but this deal between these two companies will help Optimation to create impression for them. According to this deal Optimation will conduct and manage the relationship and set up Satyam capability when it best matches business requirements. Company Optimation also indicated that cheaper hourly labor rate in India for Outsourcing Software Development will also be helpful in many ways.

Company Optimation that has 160 employees develop its revenue by 42 per cent last fiscal year also anticipates growing more with this deal for Outsourcing Software Development.