This issue is all about the IT Industry of Ukraine. Software Development Industry of Ukraine is underdeveloped but still it is expanding fast. Though, as domestic and foreign companies position themselves to get benefit of the global trend concerning more Offshore Software Outsourcing, the industry is sensing the taste from a limited number of programmers as well as developers and rising operating costs. And this is the main reason that Software Development business is expanding steadily in not only Ukraine but globally.

However Ukraine has somewhere from between 300 and 400 IT development companies, the country’s Information Technology market is far from mature. About 70 to 75 percent of these firms are small or medium-sized businesses organizations. A sign that the market place has not yet steady or merged. Still Ukraine is doing well in IT field, though it will take time for them to compete to the global market. Though, not only in but globally the IT industry is on the boom as the whole world is becoming more techno savvy. Companies whether IT or not are now taking more and more Information Technology help to expand their business as well as to bring some uniqueness to it.

Share of Software Development

As far as Ukraine is concerned for Offshore Software Outsourcing services, their current market share is very low. The total market share of Software Development is $50 billion while Ukraine’s share at present is expected to be only nearly $110-150 million. So it almost seems to be zero on a global scale for IT Outsourcing and development services. The majority of country’s customers are in the Unites States and Western Europe cities this means there is substantial space for growth and improvement in the country for better Software Development services.

Current trend in the country also indicates that country’s IT companies, both small and large size, are increasing, hiring more programmers and developers, project managers, software engineers and other IT experts to expand their client base and gain on larger projects for Software Development Services. In current years, Ukraine has become a more eye-catching substitute to highly competitive Offshore Software Outsourcing markets like India and China. This is because of the country’s geographic closeness to the European Union. Country also has reputation for having a highly talented and skilled workforce. But still India seems to have upper hand for better IT Outsourcing services globally compared to any other country in the world.

Many well-known IT brand names are now turning to try the Software Development service from Ukraine. IT companies from Ukrainian has also continued to be more cultivate for both quality and cost. Lviv-based Softserve is Ukraine’s chief Software Development and IT Outsourcing Company. Company also anticipates at least 50% expansion next year.

In short the Software Development services from Ukraine are on the growing phase now.