Software Development Outsourcing market places are websites that connect service buyers and sellers for software development. Service buyers & sellers are located globally anywhere. Therefore, outsourcing marketplaces are often linked with the following terms: offshore, inshore, near shore, rural shore at the time of describing of procurement for software development services.

Software Development Outsourcing

Buyers and sellers of services in the industry use software development outsourcing market places similar to using sites of auction such as eBay. A buyer post with clearly defined overview of a software development project through an outsourcing marketplace, from there providers can bid on delivering the software project. These posted projects have some limited amount of time for service providers to bid on it. In addition, often both service buyers and providers are rated with past experience. Posting of software projects is usually free for all the buyers. So, posting, bidding, rating, connecting buyers and sellers makes outsourcing marketplaces to auction sites such as eBay.

Most outsourcing marketplaces offer various kinds of process to protect buyers & sellers from scams. A popular method is built with escrow and arbitration. This protection most often needs some communication between software service buyer and seller by accomplishing through the outsourcing marketplace and private message boards.

The landscape of outsourcing marketplaces is rapidly changing; with many new web-sites appear with a daily basis. Software Development Outsourcing market places provide one with a convenient opportunity for finding new software development business partner. So, make sure for thoroughly research the outsource marketplace before signing into it