According to the survey in the current IT Industry the process of Software Outsourcing is on the boom. IT companies from America, Australia and many more are asking the only question that which are the hot destinations for Offshore Outsourcing? The process of sending work overseas is touching the sky now. IT Companies from America are seeking for the destinations that are capable of performing the same quality development work with the less money as the labor cost in the country is very high. It has been the problem for the companies to stay in the competitive market if they don’t take the help of the process of Software Outsourcing services. Though because of such IT Outsourcing process some controversy is also taking place in the country.

Software Outsourcing process

In the global competitive market companies like IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and many more big giants are lots of dependent on Software Outsourcing process. According to the survey around 75% to 80% of the United States IT companies are attached with the IT Outsourcing services to the lower labor cost destinations like India and China. More IT companies are also involving gradually in this process. Such process of Offshore Outsourcing has many advantages apart from the cost like moving tasks such as programming and application development migration to overseas destinations frees up in-house employees to work on more strategic developments and services.

Companies providing offshore service to the IT companies from America are also getting lots of exposure and experience from the market. Along with software services other services like BPO (Business Process Outsourcing), Call Center Services and KPO (Knowledge Process Outsourcing) are also on boom. Such jobs are also shifting rapidly to the overseas destinations like India and China. Philippine is also one of the most demanding destinations for such overseas services. Such countries have large pools of highly skilled and trained manpower, modern telecom technology and latest infrastructure facility and also they have the most needed capital investment power with them. These are the factors that make such destinations most demanded for America and Australia for overseas development services.

These spots are the destinations that are very well famous and demanded for Software Outsourcing services. Along with these destinations Russia is also one of the places that provide Offshore Outsourcing services to America. Russia is the country that provides the assistance for scientist and mathematicians services. Several companies from America and Australia are also taking assistance from Russia for such services by the way of Software Outsourcing.

These are some of the reasons that indicate that why the process of IT Outsourcing is one of the most demanded processes. India, China, Philippine, Russia and many other destinations are there who has become the main target for the process of Software Outsourcing.