According to the latest news Software Outsourcing services crosses the boundaries as IT companies are now looking towards to get the help from the Offshore Software Development service providers. Especially IT companies from the house of America and Australia are actively taking interest in these services of sending the development job work to the overseas countries like India and China. The main reason behind the active Software Outsourcing process is the cost factor. Developer in America and Australia charge almost five to six times than the developer charges in India and China. So Offshore Software Development is the best alternative for American and Australian IT companies.

Lots of companies from the house of India and China are providing the lower cost and best quality service to the software companies abroad. India has brand names like TCSWipro and many more. These companies also have presence around the globe for IT services. IT giants like IBM Global Services and Accenture also have their presence in India and China for low cost IT services. These companies are heavily adding staff in China and India for IT services. TCS from India also acquired 1,300 people strength in China last year. Surprisingly IBM has its highest overseas investment in India and still it is investing heavily here. The main reason as explained above is the cost and flexibility that they get by having their presence in India or China.

Software Outsourcing and other services

Along with For Software Outsourcing services, other big companies are also investing heavily in India for call-center services. Call-center services in India are expanding very rapidly from America and Australia. According to the news companies from Australia are saving almost 50% to 75% of the cost by having their call centers in India. Another reason for Offshore Software Development to India is that India also has the largest pool of English speaking talents and professionals. This feature also leads the companies from abroad to have their presence in India for Software Outsourcing and other services.

These companies find lots of benefits of Software Outsourcing services to destinations like India and China. They are making huge cost savings from it and also get the flexibility and qualitative with lesser efforts. Along with this industry, other industries have also started to think about the option of the Offshore Outsourcing help form IndiaChina and many other countries. Functions like IT, Finance, and Human Resource Management are already heavily crossing the territories of the countries.

So these are some of the details about the latest market trend of Software Outsourcing industry.