There are many ways to bring in the business in the Offshore Software Development companies. The software development companies or the manufacturers as they are called own their own small and medium sized firms and usually communicate to any offshore software clients either through chat rooms or phones. The setting and arrangement of the firm is such that the employee doesn’t find difficulty in communicating with the client-customer. The chat rooms are definitely used for more technical support and these are usually monitored by in-house server. But due to this approach, it has lessen the phone-calls, fewer mails and support questions have tentatively increased and resolution of the questions are faster and thus the business commencement with the client is easy.

Phone calls and email conversation usually take a longer time in making a business deals. If the negotiation document or any kind of general query needs to be resolved, emails and fax might be useful, but if the support system people have easier way to contact, lesser the issue of doubts. And the doubts or questions which remained in their minds for long period of time, is resolved immediately. It’s become very important in the software company that the issues solve quicker and that the software developer gets clear picture of the projects offered by client overseas.

Problem is solved between the Offshore Software Development

Thus the average problem is solved between the Offshore Software Development Companies. It’s easy to tie-up negotiations in quite initial stages. Sometimes when the projects are ongoing, and the client may want certain changes in the projects or rectify an error, then these chat-rooms do help the company. In almost about minutes the query is solved and the client gets immense satisfaction due to such rapid process. The novel idea is such a tool is been used as marketing strategy in software setting”. As the support facility online, there is a greater chance to hit the ball with the right kick.

But then there are other set of people, who still feels that phone-communication can help them to gain the increase the clients loyalty to the software product and thus the Offshore Software Development Company can gain respect and long-lasting relationship with the client-company offshore. There is a bond between the client and the Software Outsourcing India, and the resolution of differences in the culture and breed. Through voice access, the client can very well judge the honesty in the Company

So the company does not fully relies and focus on the problem solution, but creating bondage between the two companies. Email messaging undertaken in the Offshore Software Development has not much been much satisfying on the part of resolution. But to get a phone number is not an easy task for the India Software Outsourcing companies. It might be that the Software development India might like to keep his personal numbers secretive. And if e-mails were effective, then the problem of solving an issue would not delay to tomorrow or the next week, depending upon the size of query. Whatever might be the way to grab business opportunities, the CEO of the company has to keep in mind, long-lasting and steady relationship with the offshore client helps to develop the business.