India and China are two of the leading most names for Offshore Software Development services globally. But India has already achieved top most passion for IT Outsourcing Services globally and China is following India for to beat it globally. Both the countries have their own advantages. But if we compare both the countries, India obviously has upper hand for IT services. According to the survey China is in hunt to exceed India for Offshore Software Development services and strengthening its manpower to compete globally.

If we compare India and China there are some common things in both the countries like, both the countries have ample manpower strength, both the countries have lower labor rate, both the countries are also innovative as far as technology is concerned. But in spite of these much similarities India is way ahead from China for IT services globally. India has edge over the China because in India, one can easily find English speaking people very easily. While English seems to b a problem in China. In China many companies are providing English speaking training to their employees to stay in the competitive global market. Many companies in China also celebrate English Speaking Day.

Chinese Offshore Software Development services

English Language is the prime and chief key objective in Offshore Software Development as here in this overseas business process you are dealing with foreign clients. In China IT Outsourcing Industry, most of the companies have their clients from U.S. and Europe. So for them English is the most important Language. According to the experts United States and European Union are the market opportunities for Chinese Offshore Software Development services and they want to grab this opportunity any how. So at present in almost all the companies English is given the top most priority.

Apart from English language barrier all the aspects are almost same from both the countries. Still according to the experts India is providing better quality services globally for Offshore Software Development. Both the countries also have lots of globally demanded brand names for IT Outsourcing Services with them. Though China at present is working for English Language problem but still it has a long way to go if you compare it with India Software Development globally.

States and figures also suggest that in the financial year 2005-2005 India managed almost $23 billion from IT Outsourcing business where as China could hardly manage $3.5 billion business. This is a huge gap. Though China is grabbing every opportunity to make a comparison with India for Offshore Software Development Services. In India the recent figures suggest that the inflation and employee turnover ratio is 15-30 % while in China labor cost is 20-40 percent down than India. This figure also matters a lot for Offshore Outsourcing Services.

In short China at present is putting almost all the possible efforts to beat India for Offshore Software Development.