As we all know that in today’s market Offshore Software Outsourcing is one of the most talked process and most of the Information Technology companies are now moving towards it. Market survey also suggests that day by the no. of companies that are dealing through Offshore Outsourcing services is increasing. Time flexibilities and cost reduction are the two most important factors that have made the whole world to think about moving for the overseas services. Again when it comes to low-cost services for such IT services the first and foremost name that comes in to any one’s mind is India. Competition for Offshore Software Outsourcing is increasing day by day still India is doing well and could survive its position on the top.

There are many other destinations for such Information Technology services globally such as China, Canada, Ireland some region of United Kingdom and many other. These spots are posing tough challenges for India for such overseas services in Information Technology Industry. Along with these names one more name is there that is catching the eye of the globe and that is Russia. Many experts say that Russia is on the way to become another India but it doesn’t seem to be that much possible as well as easy. From current market scenario it can be measured that China is the best competitor for India for such overseas services.

Destination for Offshore Software Outsourcing services

As far as Russia is there for overseas services, no doubt it is doing well for Offshore Software Outsourcing services but seems to be working with very small scale local market. It doesn’t even seem to have high potential local market to fulfill the global needs for Offshore Outsourcing Services. Again to deal globally English language is the most required aspect. This again is very strong point of India that differentiate it from other countries. Along with it India’s local brand names also make lots of difference in their global demand where other countries lack. These factors make India as one of the most demanded destination for Offshore Software Outsourcing services.

Again in India one can find lots of reputed companies and no. of Information Technology professionals who are ready to provide dedicated and lower-cost services as a part of Offshore Software Outsourcing. Though the competition in the market is increasing still the investment in India is still intact and it is also increasing for Offshore Outsourcing services. Many overseas brand names like IBM, Dell and many others also have their huge investment in India and still they are putting more efforts to take more out of it. While in Russia you may not be able to get a hand on big companies with many no. of employees who are ready to provide you services every time as a part of IT Outsourcing.

These are some of the points that represent the tough competitive market scenario globally and how the countries are putting their efforts for successful Offshore Software Outsourcing Process.