India Software Development and Investment has very close relationship with each other. India’s Software Sector and its demand are booming like anything globally. IT Outsourcing to India has been the most common and frequent process globally. Country India has been the spot for investment especially in Information Technology Industry as mega investment is taking place in the country from global firms and IT giants. Another fact is that global IT giant and world’s largest IT Company IBM has its highest overseas investment in India Software Development for its overseas IT Development services. IBM is leading the charge by declaring that they will invest $6 billion more to develop themselves in India.

This is not just one example of investment in India for lower cost and best quality services in the field of Information Technology but other IT giants such as Microsoft and Intel are also eying to invest a big amount in the country. They are also planning to launch their development plants in the country. This investment from giants will also boost up other IT sectors such as BPO (Business Process Outsourcing), Call Center and Research & Development services to the country. This investment is of due to many reasons like more than labor arbitrage possibilities, vast English speaking pool of people, development of the country in the field of Information Technology industry, lower development rates and best quality services and many others.

Reputation of India Software Development

Country India also offers high-end project development services, such as designing work that brings in the big players from the globe to India Software Development. IBM has the presence in the country since early 1990s and has got tremendous growth for its cause of IT Outsourcing Services to India. It is one of the leading MNC in the country and employs more than 43,000 people in the country for IT services. IBM’s announcement for investment big amount like $6 billion has sent the signal to global small and big IT companies about the reputation of India Software Development. It has also helped India’s economy to boost-up up to a remarkable extent.

Though demand of the country is touching the sky globally for IT services, India Software Development is facing one new problem of shortage of skilled and qualified people. The hiring ratio of the country’s talent is increasing like anything as more and more local as well as overseas companies are on the boom to get as much possible as out of India for IT Outsourcing services. Some of the companies are also stating that development cost is also hiring in India Software Development. But it is not true.
One thing is sure that to maintain boom in the country, country’s policy makers will require to work on strategies that will comprise producing more skilled talents and IT Professionals that match the current local and international demands in the best possible way as a part of overseas service to India Software Development.