India Software Development has become center of attraction for IBM, as the company is putting hard fight back to stay on the top for Information Technology Services globally. As we all know that IBM has its highest investment in India for Offshore Software Outsourcing services and now as the competition in the market is increasing, company IBM is putting more and more efforts to remain on the best position in India for their investment. IBM is the biggest Computer Services Company globally and dealing heavily with India Software Development for lower cost and best quality IT services. Company IBM has its huge investment in Bangalore, India.

Bangalore, India has become Silicon Valley for the global Information Technology companies for overseas IT services. Many of the big IT brand names globally have their huge presence and investment in India and especially in Bangalore. IBM is also playing crucial role in the growth and development of the country in Information Technology industry. IBM also recently announced that they are to increase their strength in India by a large volume. Country India is one of the fastest growing markets for IT services globally. It is also considered to be the crucial base for providing services and assistance to much of the global companies in the IT Industry.

Operation on India Software Development for IT Services

IBM also takes on their many of the largest projects in their development center in the country. IBM has its second largest global operation in India Software Development for IT services. IBM is also the largest multinational employer in India and possesses more than 43,000 IT professionals and talents for Offshore Software Outsourcing Services. Company also has some good acquisition with India Software Development Companies as a part of their presence in the county. As the competition is growing in the market globally now most of the companies are looking for the High Skilled Talents.

Another company Cognizant is also one of the leading overseas brand names in India. It also has its remarkable presence in India Software Development and possesses more than 28,000 employees in the country. Both the companies are hiring in thousands for Offshore Software Outsourcing Services. IBM is also concentrating on providing the best possible combination of high-value, cutting edge development services at lower possible cost. This makes it realize more profit from India Software Development. Company also launched its Global Business Solutions Center in Bangalore for future of consulting services. Again IBM is facing challenges from Accenture in India.

IBM is facing lots of challenges in the country from other Multinational Corporations as well as local IT brand names of the country. Still IBM seems to be on the top and doing well to provide the IT Services to the globe as a part of India Software Development.