India Software Development is having the support of Microsoft. Now a day Outsourcing India is booming like any thing. It has a great importance world wide. Not only in foreign but it is also successful in the local market. Whether small or big all India Software Outsourcing organizations are very much important for country’s economy. So many big brands are Outsourcing to India, because there are very good scopes of this business in India. There are talented and skill people in the country. So there is more and more scope for India for expansion in Information Technology Industry. Microsoft is one of the biggest brands in IT Industry and it is heavily involved in Outsourcing to India. Microsoft is endowing in India Software Development, and in future also it is ready to devote more and more in it. The reason is Microsoft want India to concentrate in both local market as well as international market.

Growth in India Software Development

Ravi Venkatesan is the Chairman of Microsoft India, told that he wants academic as well as brainpower growth in India Software Development. Microsoft is helping the IT Solution Vendor of India. Microsoft is working with lacs of developers in India. The company is providing them sufficient training, materials, technique and tool to increase the growth of India Software Outsourcing, in international and as well as in the domestic market. If developers have skills & knowledge and if sufficient training is provided to them, they can give excellent out put.

In India the usage of personal computer is amplify gradually. India is under developing country and in it even minimum growth in any area will boost the economy. Indian economy is lower than the developed country but slowly and staidly it is increasing. In the country there is some sort of menace and that is software piracy. It may affect the economy of the country. According to the chairman of one leading company, out of ten percent seven percent software India is making is not original. It is pirated and the Government should take action on it. And one of the research organizations also gave the same statement. They have their own view. The statement given by them is not the fact. They have their own perception.

India Software Development is very much powerful. The country is having business globally. The outsourcing business is having support of Government in the country. In world only India is having immense Software Development skill. India Software Outsourcing is domestically also valuable. Government is having taking many actions to crush the software piracy in international and national market. Software piracy will be the cause of the decline of the software development. This will ultimately effect to the economy growth of the country. There is a high piracy rate in countries like China and Russia.

India Software Outsourcing is increasing two percent every day. There are so much of opening for the IT organization in India. There is wide ranging necessitate of economy expansion. Some factors like education, Bucolic development and more support of Government is requiring to India Software Development. If developer of the country is having proper knowledge and education then they can protect their business by software piracy. Microsoft is scheduling to make available continuous resolution. This company is giving novelty to the country. This organization is providing education with the help of reputed universities. Microsoft has invested million of $ in India to provide proper education. One of the organizations is Shiksha; this organization is providing education in the area of software solution. The world’ biggest Software Company is concentrating on India Software Development.