According to the experts India Software Development is ocean of talents. India has become the software and Information Technology powerhouse for global requirements. All the IT companies and almost all the countries are eying on India for Offshore Outsourcing Services especially for Information Technology services. Day by day the global investment in India is increasing for IT services. India is the country having a vast pool of talents that are suitable for global requirements in almost all the aspects. India Software Development is also know as Coding Factory that produces the best quality and lower cost service providers and talents.

Along with all these India again is the country having the second largest population globally as well as it also possesses the vast pool of fluent English speaking talents. This is again one of the reasons that overseas companies are eying India for IT services. Because of the qualitative and fluent English speaking talents call centers and BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) Industry is on the boom in the country. Overseas companies are also investing a lot for these two services in India. Country’s economic growth is also improving because of heavy overseas investment in India in Information Technology Industry.

Size of the India Software Development industry

At present India’s image is like, India is the country that produces pool of talents for IT services that are poorly paid but doing great cutting-edge coding work for Banking and Insurance Industries. Again Call Centers are also on the boom and increasing the demand of Offshore Outsourcing Services. But India is not all about these stuffs only and it is much more than all these. Service standards have improved a lot in India Software Development and it has made it a Powerhouse for IT services globally. Low cost services are just a part of the equation but the important thing is the size of the India Software Development Industry. The figure of the production of the college graduates and talents every year is almost 3 million. It is also predicted by NASSCOM India that country’s IT Outsourcing growth is expected to reach to $20 billion this year.

India’s Information Technology is 10th largest industry globally and its growth is very fast. Country’s some of the Software Development Companies have become global power house for Offshore Outsourcing Services. These companies are also hiring local talents in big no. Along with these many International Brand names from overseas also find India Software Development as the one stop solution for all their requirements and have their huge presence in the country for IT services. These companies are now seeking to have their permanent presence in the country because of the facilities the country India have.
The three main factors like Software Skills, Lower labor cost and Availability of number of professionals make India Software Development the best for overseas services.