The latest survey suggests that India Software Development is top Asian Outsourcing Destination for Information Technology services. The survey declared the result that India and China are the top two and most destinations for Offshore Outsourcing Services and between them India is on the top position. Survey also suggests that Singapore is on the third place for IT services globally. The survey was undertaken by some of the overseas companies to judge the best destination for IT services and result indicated that India Software Development is on the top for such services.

The survey was mainly focusing on Banking Outsourcing Services. The survey also indicates that Singapore also has the same market value such as India and China has for overseas services especially for Banking Services and it is standing on 3rd position. Here the company surveyed almost 130 senior executives from the Financial Services Industry for their best overseas destination for banking services. The outcome suggests that India gained almost 40% of the votes while China bagged 32% and on the third position Singapore could fetch 11% votes.

India Software Development for Overseas relationships

The executives who were surveyed stated that they were more willing to deal with India Software Development for overseas relationships and outsourcing agreements. It also suggests that Financial Institution in Singapore mainly concentrates on the activities that include higher value addition to the company. China again got good demand from these executives for future mergers and agreements. But as far as Software Development India is concerned, it was mainly preferred the most because of the Offshore Outsourcing Advantages that the country has. It has almost all the services and facilities available such as wide pool of talents, Infrastructure Development, Good Telecommunication Network system and many more.

India again is doing well for Information Technology Services not only in Asian Region but globally. So it also has a good impact on the image of the country for Offshore Outsourcing services. Country’s IT services are globally demanded and many overseas brand names have their presence in the country and they have been the part of India Software Development. India again is second largest country population wise, so it also has some impact on it. Country has wide pool of finance professionals to serve the global demands and requirements. Education level in the country is very high and country also possesses the high educated people. Fluency on English language in the country again adds charm in its demand for overseas services.

So these are some of the factors that make India Software Development famous and most demanded not only for Information Technology Services but for other industries also.