Nasscom India to reduce Offshore Software Outsourcing worries by tightening the security issues for overseas services. In the last year some cases of fraud, data theft and cheating had occurred and created worries in the mind of the many clients that were very active for the Offshore Outsourcing to India. Because of these issues India had to pay a lot in terms of its secure image for overseas service providers. But after such issues for Offshore Software Outsourcing services to India, Nasscom has decided to take some firm steps to tighten the security of the country for overseas dealings.

India at present is leading the way for overseas development services for Information Technology services. But some mischief that occurred damaged the image of India for secure services. Because of this Nasscom recently launched an industry assessment and certification standard for generating an appraised and standard quality talent-pool, the association is initiating a further proposal, this time to tackle unease over data security in India. This step should verify and demonstrate good news for Indian Information Technology companies, and may reduce client’s doubts and worries about data security and safety.

Offshore Software Outsourcing to India

Nasscom represents Offshore Outsourcing associations based in India, is to express that, despite rumors to the contrary, India is one of the safest Offshore Software Outsourcing destinations open to societies. There have been rumors on the front pages of United Kingdom media and newspapers regarding exclusive selling private data and information to reporters, and this, collectively with other humiliations, has persuaded Nasscom to act to stop all possible threats of safe and secure Offshore Software Outsourcing to India. Country is also facing tremendous challenges from other Offshore Outsourcing destinations like China, Russia, Philippines and many others. Such issues will definitely hurt the image of India. This is the main reason why Nasscom has decided and started to react toward this issue and taken some harsh steps to remove all these problems form the country.

India and China are two of the largest markets for Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Offshore Software Outsourcing services globally. So any misleading information would definitely help China to make a name for it. So Nasscom India must do well to overcome this problem at once and should assure the globe that India is the safest place for Offshore Outsourcing services. As fare as strength is concerned, India’s Information Technology industry is now the world’s 10th biggest, and persists to increase swiftly.

The one or two issues that has taken place with Offshore Outsourcing to India has really shaken Nasscom India and now it is coming up with the different ideas to remove all these problems in its initial stages to make secure Offshore Software Outsourcing to India.