Now, we can say India has become the main benchmark for Offshore Outsourcing Development work. Every year, NASSCOM, national association of software service companies hosts a conference in region of United Kingdom for the motivation to bring more organizations from UK to become part of outsourcing and start dealing for the software development and IT related service business to Offshore Outsourcing form India.

There are number of British organizations such as Standard Chartered, HSBC and British Telecom those are heavily rely on Offshore Outsourcing to India. They do outsourcing for saving more than 50 per cent of the cost according to some of research analysis firms. Analyst also tells that, it would not take much time for one of the Indian IT Outsourcing organization to take top position out of five top most technology companies around the globe.

Currently outsourcing to India is Ten billion American dollars and out of that, two billion businesses are coming only from European countries. Currently, this is growing with the rate of thirty per cent and, the earning from Indian export would be 50 billion $ which make total revenue jump to 87 billion American dollars. Software industry and IT Outsourcing is accounting for more than twenty five % of all exports to India. With this massive demand in outsourcing of software to India, the country is providing 501,000 new Information Technology and engineering students every year to fulfill the demand.

Offshore Outsourcing Business

Many other nations have entered in the Offshore Outsourcing Business such as Russia, china, and eastern European nations. But India is way ahead with the race of Outsourcing. Currently, China has fair chance for developing a competitive offering but it will take few years.

Now let us see one example, annually TDC investing billions of money for the development of telecom infrastructure. During previous two years TDS is working hard to get rid of Offshore Outsourcing and IT projects that were not strategically required to keep involved. Also, from year 2003, the services of TDC are lowering number of workers and now the current number is six hundred. With the reduction, TDC will do Offshore Software Outsourcing for majority of Information Technology Development work to India. And definitely, step in this direction will reduce more than hundred million of crores in next 2 years. TDC is planning to announce its partnership with one of organization that would have more than hundred Indian software programmers and eager to working with TDC as a deal of Offshore Outsourcing.