The offshore software development company hastens with the change. Every offshore team builds and sells a software product. And so there are continued negotiations on the part of Software Development team. The pricing models are used and some company even calls for unlimited usage of the software package. At such a time, the company finds difficult to negotiate the price factor.

software company can survive its existence, if it keeps minimum requirements as its strength: One among those golden rule is “charge enough money”, if you are allowing the offshore software outsourcing company to have unlimited usage-“still charge more”, learn through negotiations and if needed readjust the price. These are some of the basics, an Offshore Software Development firm should learn while negotiating the price-factor. But the discussion is still open, as you still are intended to know other ways around the same factor.

Licensing such product becomes difficult on the part of Offshore Software Development. If the offshore software company goes to site license, then it might happen that the other firm can afford to pay a huge amount, but is willing to pay least for the product. And if the other company is acquired by an “x” firm, then you might lose substantial sale of your software development product. So perhaps the only option remains with the Offshore is, to keep a check as to why the other team wants an unlimited access.

Brain Storming session in the Offshore Software Development

The other intuitive thought came across my mind; as to question “why the hell a company would want “unlimited-package”- is it that he has substantial resources to work for him? This question tickles a brain storming session in the Offshore Software Development firms. Companies can give-up on cheap price, if it does not find any other option than site-pricing. Perhaps the other small change can be done is rating per application or site. And if the company still insists on the same demand, to negotiate the price factor, assure the Software Outsourcing Company to give more than user facility, they might reveal their strength.

If a company wants to strengthen its work, it must be honest and the solution it provides to its client company. Give the company a master offer to allow unlimited installs, but this service should not be given on free basis. The firm may ask for annual maintenance charge and some other fees if needed. It greatly depends upon the trust and bond developed between the two companies

An offshore Software Development can even sell clusters, on “per server” rate too. And what a software sector does not like or when the vendor party pays them too less and disappears after some time. Though this may happen, but the company aspires it to have customization with the vendor firm. Maintenance cost can be added upon and even the company wants to integrate updated version of the software, the offshore software Outsourcing unit can charge the same.