Offshore Software Development is expanding globally now a day. In today’s scenario there are so many companies in this field. There was time when China and India these two countries, who were only in the field of Software Outsourcing Consulting. Now the scenario has changed world wide and there are more and more countries, which are in this area of business. United State of America is already a developed country, so the expansion in this country is even and smooth. But the under developing countries like India, China, Brazil, Vietnam, Mexico, Spain’s Offshore Software Development is increasing.

Competition is increasing like any thing now a day. Most of the companies of developed country are outsourcing to under developing countries. So the unemployment rate in growing in the United State and United Kingdom. The process of Offshore Software Development have very good scope in the under developing countries. The U.S.’s programmers told that developing countries like China and India are their most important reserves. According to them Philippines, Malaysia, Eastern Europe, and Scandinavia are also important for Software Outsourcing Consulting.

Offshore Software Development services

Matt Thompson is the Technology Outreach & Open Source director. He was saying that India and China are the very well developed countries for the Offshore Software Development services. He had spent some time to India and as well as in China for some specific research. He realized that China & India are the largest reserves but now in these countries prices are increasing slowly. He is not in opposing of price rising because what quality these countries are providing in the Software Outsourcing Consulting area is very good and unique.

It is true that price is raising in India and China but along with that the quality of the products and services are also improving gradually. Both the countries are now coming out of the symbol of under developing country especially for Information Technology services globally. Lots of developments are taking place in these countries including Infrastructure Development, Technology Innovation and many more. So these are some of the aspects that attract overseas companies to deal with these countries.

IBM is one of the biggest Software Outsourcing Consulting, who is mainly handling its business in the United State. The important thing is that they are now a day working with the different schools in India & China. The president of IBM itself told that that they are very glad with this process. Some of the U.S. people are not ready to accept that U.S. is not doing well in Offshore Software Outsourcing. According to them U.S. will be always their in the market, and they will be there always in the competition. According to them because of their ability, novelty, discovery and performance they will be always there in the market of Offshore Software Development industry.