The Software Outsourcing sector of India is increasing very fast and booming. Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi and small cities like Ahmedabad are now world famous as Offshore Outsourcing hub. Same way, Indian Business Process Outsourcing market is also in the phase of booming. Many other Information Technology enable services of outsourcing such as payroll and account outsourcing, But with the advanced trend, product development outsourcing is way ahead growing in India. There are many medium to small scale organizations that are doing Software Outsourcing for their product development to India.

So, far only multinational organizations were doing Software Outsourcing for the product development in India, but now this trend was not much incorrigible and many Indian organization have also started doing product development with entering into Software Outsourcing product development segment. With the consideration, the increase in business would be around hundred per cent in Offshore Outsourcing product development.

Product development needs some sufficient skills that not every offshore organization has for outsourcing of this work. Product selling companies in America and Europe could reduce their development of software cost by doing offshoring. On the other hand, they would concentrate on new ideas and marketing. With this it requires to maintain people for specialized skills if they wish to do by their own. If one wants to open offshore development center in India, it could not be very useful, but by aligning with one of Software Company in India, they could get access to wider skills.

Software Outsourcing Organization

For Indian Software Outsourcing Organization, the development of product is very lucrative market due to higher charge and billing rate as compared to offshore outsourcing services. While on the different section it might also costlier for finding & maintaining quality software and IT-engineers.

Now the trend suggests that, major Indian Software Outsourcing Organization were looking for big deal but now, they have started to look at small to medium scale businesses deal also. India has more than 3.6 million medium and small scale organization that are increasing Information Technology deployment for their companies. The competition with the respective cost and business put lots of pressure on these types of industries to focus on their core business and take help of Offshore Outsourcing firms to do non critical Information Technology application work. The biggest outsourcer in the industry is financial industry that almost spends thousands of crores for their IT needs. Offshore Software Outsourcing organizations manages their needs for strategic suggestions about how to use IT for the benefits for their enterprise