Software Development India is challenged by Vietnam for Offshore Outsourcing services in Information Technology Industry. At present India and China are the two most demanded hop-spots for overseas IT Development services. In this competition also India is leading the way by some remarkable distance. Along with these two dominating countries some other destinations like Philippines, Russia, Vietnam and many others are coming into the market for overseas development services. In this Vietnam seems to be rapidly emerging as a viable overseas IT development destination and trying to pose challenges for Software Development India. It is trying to cater the market of India globally with lower prices, less employee churn services offers.

Vietnam at present is trying to have their focus on UK customers for services like application development, maintenance, Research & Development (R&D), software testing services and many more. UK, Australia and United States are some of the biggest customers of India for IT and overseas development services. IT Companies from here have their huge investments in India because of the unique and qualitative services provided by Indian IT companies and IT professionals. Along with this again India has the advantage of having the vast pool of English speaking professionals and talents.

Software Development India as Center of attraction

As far as Vietnam is concerned, according to the experts its growing rate is almost 40 percent for IT Outsourcing services. But still it requires doing much more to pose challenges for Software Development India, especially in the field of Information Technology and overseas development services. India has lots of benefits with such as big and globally recognized IT brand names, lower-cost and best quality IT Professionals, one of the widest English speaking group of people and many other that makes Software Development India as center of attraction globally for IT and overseas development services.

It looks like that Vietnam is trying to provide lower-cost, higher quality services globally and trying to make a name for it, but it might not be enough to pose some healthy challenges for Software Development India. Indian IT companies have lots of experience as well as all required resources with it. Along with these country also has best telecommunication services that entices overseas companies to have their presence in the country for call-center and BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) services. India also possesses high quality infrastructure development that also adds credit to its reputation in the market for IT Outsourcing services globally.

These are some of the most important aspects and points that any company will judge at the time of taking key decisions to take the help of overseas countries for development job work. Presence of these key factors give Software Development India services edge over other countries for overseas IT services