The IT Spoke person of Taiwan Just confessed that till date they have ignored Offshore Software Development India for business services for one or more reasons. One of the reasons to ignore India was the low labor cost of the country. He also confessed that they have failed to notice India for IT Outsourcing services. According to the survey, Taiwan has also increased its focus on India for IT services. Country already have a wide focus on China but now it wants to shift its focus more on opportunities with Offshore Software Development India.

At present Taiwan’s investments in India is around $300 million. They have huge investment out of this amount say $110 million in Chennai, India. According to this spoke person from the country, Taiwan is now trying to put some extra efforts to treat India in some better manner as far as IT Industry partnership. He also stated that India is good for system development services, software services while Taiwan is doing well in technologies and manufacturing. So the combination of both the countries might come out with some unexpected results globally.

Offshore Software Development services

Taiwan already has good business relationships with China and now they are willing to do more to treat India as a business/industrial partner for Offshore Software Development Services. Taiwan at present is now also focusing on shift from manufacturing to service sector, hardware to software, and from volume to value. For all these services India is the best suitable option for them. Till date the country was focusing on manufacturing, hardware and volume, so China was the perfect destination for them but now they want to change their aim and want to shift to Offshore Software Development India.

Another reason for Taiwan to select India for IT Outsourcing services is the pressure from the clients. One of their companies Foxconn shifted its operations to Chennai India because of pressure from Nokia to do so. But it is selection Offshore Software Development India for just business opportunities and not due to any political issues. Country also has some specific idea regarding the areas of interest in India for them. India also provides the best quality services at the average lower labor rate from China.

According to the latest news China is now discarding tax incentives, in general, steadily. Geographically wise also India is convenient for Taiwan. Along with this India also has the support from the globally demanded Offshore Software Development brand names with it. So it also attracts Taiwan for IT Outsorucing services to India.

The spoke person also stated that they are having lots of hopes from Offshore Software Development to India.