Accenture expands presence in India Software Development by launching a new Technology Delivery Center in Pune, according to the latest news in the Information Technology market. Company has launched this Delivery Center in India for IT services such as Software Outsourcing and System Integration facilities. Company is one of the leading consultancy service providers and has huge presence in India for its lower cost and best quality Information Technology services. Company Accenture already has eight development centers in the country and it is their ninth center in the country as a part of India Software Development. It would help the company to represent their further expansion for Global Delivery Network services.

Company’s new delivery unit will offer Application Outsourcing and systems integration facilities and services across the full range of technology potentiality. Company Accenture already has its wide presence in the country for Information Technology services as a part of their overseas business and presence. The main reason behind company’s these much expansion in India is the facilities and flexibilities they are getting from the country. Country India has emerged as one of the hottest destinations for overseas Information Technology services globally and many globally big IT brand names have their remarkable presence in the country.

Accenture in India Software Development

Accenture is not the only one that in investing this much in the country or has wide presence in India Software Development but along with it other overseas IT companies such as IBM, Cognizant, HP and many others have got remarkable presence in the country. Software Outsourcing to India has got this much growth because the country has a wide pool of IT talents and skilled professionals to meet the cutting-edge development challenges. IBM also just announced to launch the Global Business Solutions Center that will provide services almost similar to the Accenture. But IBM might also face tough challenges from Accenture in India Software Development, as Accenture already seems to be leader in that field.

Accenture has its eight development centers in for different cities of India such as Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and Mumbai. Pune is the fifth city of the country. All these cities are playing role as part of India Software Development. Company has more than 200 clients in India for Offshore Software Outsourcing Services. Company also has more than 18,000 employees at present that was 4000 initially in the year 2003. Company has expectation that new deliver center in Pune will assist company for its services and facilities to their clients as a part of India Software Development.

The growing presence of such Multinational Corporations in the country itself represents the growth and image of India Software Development globally.