India Software Development is facing heavy competition in the market according to the latest Information Technology Industry news. As we all know that India is the leading most service provider for Software Outsourcing Services globally. Country India is followed by China, Philippines, Russia and many other countries in the filed of IT overseas services. New companies from these countries are emerging in the global market and posing hard competition for India Software Development for overseas IT services and Business globally. Still India is remarkably doing well and could maintain its position on the no. 1 spot globally for IT services.

Other countries such as China, Philippines and Russia are emerging very well. Among these China has emerged as the second most preferred destination for overseas IT services globally. Still it is far behind from India in the field of software and services. Growth of India is rapid compared to these countries. More and more overseas investment is taking place in the country in the field of Information Technology. Big IT Brand names such as IBM, Accenture, Microsoft and many other have their huge investment in the country. Along with it local brand names such as TCS, Wipro, Satyam and many others are doing well at the international level.

Challenges for India Software Development

As far as other countries are concerned, Philippines and Russia are also doing well. These countries have also got the success for attracting the global companies to deal with them. Some of the IT companies have also started to select them as their route for Software Outsourcing Services. Still most of the companies prefer to stick with India Software Development when it comes to overseas IT development or IT Outsourcing. It is also true that country India is facing competitions from other multinational corporations. These companies have also started to provide low cost development services and posed some challenges for India Software Development. But India is not known for low cost services, it is known for cost effective and best quality services.

Along with the growth of these countries in the filed of Software Outsourcing Industry, competition in the market is also increasing. Many of the companies are providing good quality services that can really place some challenges for the market leader India Software Development. Though, India is very well known for its high quality and cost effective as well as dedicated resources. Again country India also possesses one of the largest pools of English speaking people, that makes the India Software Development choice of the globe for other BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) and KPO (Knowledge Process Outsourcing) services.

It is true that gradually the global market for Software Outsourcing is becoming tougher as more and more players are entering into the market. Still with the unique and qualitative services from India Software Development makes it choice of the global world.