India Software Development is getting better in terms of Outsourced Product Development (OPD) market and services. Growing graph of the success of the country India in the field of Offshore Outsourcing tells the story. Demand of India is rapidly increasing worldwide when it comes to low cost and better quality Information Technology and software services. In the rapidly growing and competitive global market India Software Development could maintain its position on the top for the best IT services. Economic growth of the country is also on increasing part. It is marked that more and more foreign investment is taking place in the country.
Nasscom India reported that the growth of overseas marked in the country was US$ 3 billion in 2004-2005 and now it looks like that the figure will go up to US$ 8-11 billion by the year 2008 because of the increasing demand of the country. The outsourced product market seems to growing at more than 30% per year and growth also seems increasing at rapid speed. It is also marked that India is now also becoming famous out of Asia and other regions are also trying to get their foot in India for Outsourced Product Development services. Experts also suggest that OPD would not be an optional business strategy for most of the business industries as the competition in the market is growing rapidly.

Experts suggest that the total market trend of the business process is changing as companies are now moving towards the overseas assistance to reduce the cost of the development. As far as Offshore Outsourcing services is concerned India Software Development is the most talked about and preferred country globally. It was believed that utilization of overseas assistance would be limited to some extent in most of the organizations and will have limited growth but that belief has changed totally with the growth of India Software Development. It is also considered that qualitative and low cost services from India have made many countries to think about the IT Outsourcing services to India.

India Software Development for IT Overseas Services

The facts and figure suggest that almost 85 per cent of the Offshore Outsourcing global job work goes to India for development purpose in spite of heavy competition from Canada, China, Vietnam and many other countries. If global market for overseas services is considered Canada and China seem to have better chances for the no. 2 spot after India Software Development. But no. 1 spot for these countries could only be possible either India increase its prices or compromise with the quality of the work they provide. The bottom line is both the countries are almost 5 years behind than India Software Development for IT overseas services. Experts mark that software industry is booming rapidly than any other industry especially in the way of taking assistance from overseas services providers.

The rapid growth of overseas opportunities in Information Technology industry has given new hopes to many of the countries for the better economy growth. One of such countries that has faced such tremendous progress is India Software Development.