The large multinational corporations and Information Technology services companies carry on raking their heels deeper into Software Development India, according to the survey. These companies are largely enticed by both India’s educated and skilled but cheaper workforce and country’s burgeoning economy. These companies are investing very highly in India for IT Outsourcing services. India already possesses the huge presence of global Information Technology giants like IBM and others. Amongst these IBM is the company that possesses its most overseas investment in Software Development India. Recent news also suggest that IBM has increased its strength in India from 6,000 to 20,000 in very short period of time and at present its strength in India is around 43,000 employees.

Other fortune 500 companies from overseas are also aiming very heavily and keenly towards India for having their presence here. As mentioned earlier the main reason for all of these companies to eye on India is the huge availability of lower-cost but well educated and skilled workforce especially for Information Technology Industry. These companies are also aiming at India for other services than IT like Finance & Accounting, HRM (Human Resource Management), back-office support and services, Customer Care services, Traveling services, Call Center Services and many more.

IBM in Software Development India

The increasing strength of IMB in Software Development India also creates interests to other IT companies to have their presences in India. India’s wide market of the clients includes United States, United Kingdom and Australia. Australia and United Kingdom has their huge presence in for Call Center services as a part of IT Outsourcing services. Again many global telecommunication companies also have their presences in India for its unique Information Technology services. India also has some of the globally demanded local brand names for Offshore Outsourcing services. This list includes Satyam, TCS, Wipro and many others.

Many overseas companies are also trying to tie-up with these India Brand Names to increase their presence in Software Development India. Bangalore, India again is the globally demanded city for IT Outsourcing services. Most of the Indian brand names along with overseas brand names have their huge presence here. Bangalore is one of the most developed cities in India and possesses all the required facilities for becoming the perfect city for Information Technology services. Along with it other cities of India like Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Ahmedabad and many others are also doing well and attracting the overseas companies for Software Outsourcing services.

In this way the demand of India is increasing globally for its unique Information Technology services. Economy growth is also on the pick because of the increasing demand of Software Development India.