Software Development India is measured by NASSCOM as the National Association of Software Companies is trying to improve the potential for the possibilities of Offshore Software Outsourcing services to India. India is the global leader in the field of outsourcing of Information Technology services. Almost all world wide small and big companies prefer Software Development India for possible IT services as city Bangalore of is considered as the world wide hub for best quality and lower cost IT solution. Many of the big international IT companies have their wide presence in Bangalore. India is also becoming the hottest spot for call center and BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) services.

Nasscom India is playing key role and main legal body for that keeps eye on every movement of IT Industry in the country. At present Nasscom has commissioned management consultants to take on a comprehensive study of the potential of the Indian Information Technology organizations and their way of outsourcing business. This study will help Nasscom in taking some certain decision about the movement and future planning about the advancement in India for better overseas IT services. This survey of behavior is also expected to be completed in August.

Potential of Software Development India

At present Nasscom is on the way to strengthen the Software Development India globally. The survey also proposes to strengthen its trust on the other services such as engineering services domains in Pune. Apart from Bangalore, other cities of India such as Pune, Chennai, Ahmedabad, and some others are playing important role for Offshore Software Outsourcing services. Nasscom is also committed to reduce the software and data piracy from India and especially in the call center and BPO industries. The survey also intends to judge the Indian companies and their potential in the current ongoing IT market and increasing competition. Nasscom is also sure about the positive outcomes and changes that will strengthen the potential of Software Development India. Bangalore is already under some remarkable development phase.

This study on the possibilities of Offshore Software Outsourcing will definitely prove to be a major revolutionary step for Software Development India. It would also reveal lots of pros and cons of the IT services and potential of IT companies of the country. The result of the survey will also help the major player Software Development India to improve and strengthen its global presence. It will also help the growing BPO and call-center industry of the country along with the Offshore Software Outsourcing Services and industry as demand of India is also booming for call-center and BPO Services.

The survey from the house of Nasscom is expected to bring out many revolutionary results and those out comes will assist the IT industry of the country to make some revolutionary changes to empower Software Development India.