Success of India Software Development globally is touching the sky as Indian Offshore Outsourcing Industry is achieving newer milestones rapidly. Despite the labor cost rising in the country, the demand of the talents of the country is increasing. Experts also suggest that such cost rising will not affect the image of the country and demand of the India Software Development will continue attracting the IT Outsourcing investors for years. The success ratio and success graph is also touching the newer mile stones rapidly as more and more overseas companies are targeting the India and investing heavy amount for the best combination of cost and quality of the country.

The study also suggests that market share for the overseas IT services of the country has risen to 5.2 per cent of the total value of the agreements signed in the current year. Many of the overseas companies have also stated that, they feel more comfortable while working with the Indian services providers when it comes to overseas services. This is also one of the reasons that more and more Information Technology companies are increasing their investment gradually. Gradually the partnership ration of overseas IT Companies with the local Indian IT Companies is also increasing and more and more Foreign Exchange is coming in to the country. Local IT brand names such as HCLTCSWipro and many others have become the global and most demanded IT brand names for overseas services to India.

Achievements of India Software Development

Achievements of India Software Development in the filed of Offshore Outsourcing attract the overseas companies also to establish their presence. IBMAccenture and many other globally well-known IT Companies have been few of the major investors in the country as well as they have also now started to compete with the local software companies. These overseas companies are hiring the talents from India Software Development with higher pay scales; provide them more facilities and other benefits. Brain Drain from the country is also on the pick as most of the companies are sending the talents of India overseas. It is also believed that no other countries could provide the offers and services that India is providing.

As the growth of the country is increasing in the field of overseas Information Technology services, the global competition is also increasing. Countries like China, Russia, Philippines and some others have also started to play crucial role for Offshore Outsourcing Services. Their efforts may pose some challenges also for India Software Development in the near future. Still the success ratio graph of country may not have any affect as the India is well ahead from its competitors in the field of Offshore IT Outsourcing offerings and services.

Success of India in the field of Information Technology has helped the country a lot to gain a name in the market. It is also predicted by the experts that success of India Software Development globally will continue to attract the global market for possible offshore IT services.