Accenture expands presence in India Software Development by launching of a Research and Development Technology Lab in Bangalore, India. Accenture Ltd already has huge presence in India for Software Outsourcing Services to the country. Company already has three different Information Technology plants in India and this is their fourth development center in Bangalore. According to the company, along with the software services India also has good talents that can help the company for its Research & Development requirements. Company also noted that the new R&D plant in the country will also help them in improving and enhancing their presence in India Software Development. Company Accenture is also planning to invest heavily in the country along with the quick recruitment.

As far as the new R&D plant is concerned the company announced that the main focus of this Lab in India would be R&D in systems integration & software engineering. Accenture also expects that the new R&D plant will assist the business process to cut down the cost as well as it will also help in improving the quality of the Technology Solution Delivery Model. The newly launched R&D center will help the researchers to create prototypes and cutting edge solutions that will assist the clients to increase future performance. Company Accenture already has significance in India and this Global Delivery Network will help them enhancing their presence more in the country.

Operation in India Software Development

Company has more than 17,000 professionals that are providing services as a part of India Software Development in the various service areas such as system integration, Software Development, Software Outsourcing, and in BPO (Business Process Outsourcing). Company also has more than 44,000 employees globally for its overseas services. The main reason to select Bangalore India is because it is rapidly becoming the global hub for lower cost and best quality Information Technology Services. Company is expecting to have the strength of 2,000 employees in their R&D Plant in Bangalore India. This plant in the country will help Accenture a lot for the overall operation in India Software Development. Company is also expecting to gain good profit margin through this R&D Plant.

The R&D plant in India Software Development is seems to be connected to all Accenture’s operations in India. Company is already doing well in India for Software Outsourcing services and now this R&D plant will also add credit in its current operations. It is marked that company’s profit margin graph is also going up with the increasing presence in the country. Along with Accenture may other IT Brand names such as MicrosoftIBM and many more also have their huge presence in India Software Development for low cost and good quality IT services. All these companies are hiring local Indian talents with good pay scales too for the software services

Increasing presence of the Accenture and other big and globally demanded IT brand names in the country will also increase the demand of the India Software Development globally.