India Software Development Companies are winning bigger deals according to the latest study. The news and study also suggests that Indian Information Technology Industry and IT Companies from the house of India are ruling the Offshore Software Outsourcing market with some heavy margin. As we all know that India is the leader globally for the overseas software and other IT services. Demand of India is also increasing rapidly worldwide. More and more overseas companies are investing in India Software Development and willing to deal with Indian companies and talents. If we consider Indian IT Industries, its growth in the field of overseas development services is very impressive over the last two to three years.

The latest study suggests about the impressive and remarkable growth of Indian software service providers in the filed of overseas development services. The study indicates that market share of India has risen to 5.2 percentage of the overall value of the overseas development contracts and assignments signed so far in the year of 2006. The growth of the country is almost 3 per cent up from the figure of the year 2005 and around 1 per cent up from the year 2004. These facts and figures are released by TPI, an outsourcing advisory company. They further added that Indian service providers are also very active in participating for the bidding for contracts and the figure of the Indian success has reached over 2 billion US$.

IT Companies from India Software Development

India has become the IT Giant globally for the overseas IT services. Country also has lots of brand names that are demanded world wide for their qualitative and cost effective services. The study also indicates that IT Companies from India Software Development are increasingly gaining the contracts and overall statistics of success of the Indian Companies have gone up by 25 per cent. The overall business Offshore Software Outsourcing to India was around 128 million US$ in 2005 and has now reached to 159 million US$ in 2006 to date. Some of the Indian IT companies have really achieved the significant and remarkable growth in the current for the overseas software services. TCS, Wipro, Satyam, Infosys and HCL are some of the biggest IT brand names of India Software Development.

Along with the local IT brand names of India, overseas companies are also doing well in the country and investing heavily for Offshore Software Outsourcing purpose. Some of the well-known IT brand names such as IBMMicrosoftApple Software and many others have remarkable presence in India Software Development. Apart from these IT services these all companies are also investing heavily in the call-center industry in the country as India has very wide group of English speaking talents.

All these indicate the increasing growth and popularity of India globally for overseas IT development services. The growth of India Software Development is rapidly touching the sky for Offshore Software and other IT services