India Software Development helped by positive debate for Outsourcing Industry held in New Delhi India. The Information Technology Sector in India will be worth 38 billion US$ in 2006-07. It is because of the cross-border partnerships between local Indian Offshore Outsourcing Company and overseas company, mergers and acquisitions, lower labor rates and stable pricing policy of the country and a gradual positive change in the Software Outsourcing debate according to NASSCOM predictions. These all factors are playing crucial role in the success of India Software Development. As we all know India is the leading services provider globally for overseas Information Technology services. The overseas development business sector in the country is also expected to touch the revenue figure of around 36 to 38 billion US$ in the current financial year.

The above figure indicates the rapid growth of the country and increasing demand of India for overseas services in the field of Information Technology. The above growth is considered to be the increment of 25-28 percent than the last year. Exports of IT-ITeS are also anticipated to grow by almost 30 per cent in the current year. The domestic market of India is also projected to expand at 18-20 per cent. Almost all the industries along with Information Technology are playing key role in the financial growth of the country. These facts and figures are represented by NASSCOM India. This growth is also becoming the crucial influencing factor to make India’s overseas delivery model.

Opportunities and level in the India Software Development India

The positive influence of these factors is really reducing burden from the service providers and easing work for them. It is also helping the players of India Software Development to bag the large projects from the globe. It is also marked that such influence is also helping in increasing the Software Outsourcing to India by global major players. They are also investing heavily in India to gain the all possible advantages. It is also marked that there was an escalation in the opportunities and level in the India Software Development. Most of the global major players are now targeting India for all possible software and IT services in one or the other way.

NASSCOM India has proclaimed the revenue figures for the India Software Development and services industry for the year 2005-06, based on their own in-house study. The analysis suggests that, the Indian IT Software and Services sector grew by more than 30 % during the financial year 2005-06. Software Outsourcing Services to India also notched up collective revenue of 29.6 billion US$, up from 22.5 billion US$ in the financial year 2004-05. It was also stated that the growth of the India Software Development is suppose to reach at the figure of 60 billion US$ within 2 years.

So all these positive points are indicate that Outsourcing Industry especially in the Information Technology in India Software Development will still grow a lot and have bright future ahead.