India Software Development Industry in IT Market is booming globally as the demand of India is increasing in Information Technology Industry. India and China are considered to be the two leading most service providers globally for Offshore Development services. Both the countries are the closest competitors for each other to gain the maximum market share and maximum market presence for all possible IT services and offerings. Though, study suggests that India is on the top of the list followed by China, as India has a wide pool of people having the great fluency on English Language, and such fluency on English language also encourages the growth of India Software Development for other services such as BPO/KPO and call-center. The economical situation in the country has also faced some good growth during the last 1 or 2 years because of the success of the country in IT Industry.

The study also suggests that country India has achieved flying colors in terms of revenue in software industry. India also has become one of the leading most service providers in IT sector along with BPO & KPO service offerings. Leading IT companies from the house of India such as TCS, Wipro, Satyam and Infosys have also been the most needed resources globally for cost effective and top quality development services. These and many other IT Companies from India are facing tremendous financial growth for overseas development services.

Increase Export from India Software Development

IT export market of the country is also increasing year by year and it has also continued to dominant for the current with the increased export from India Software Development. In the year of 2005-2006 the growth of export market for the Offshore Development services was accounted to 24.54 billion US$ which is almost 35% more than the previous year 2004-2005. Experts also suggest that IT Market of India Software Development is expected to sustain it growth globally because of having the best quality resources along with it. Indian IT Companies are also bagging the high-value and long term projects and service contracts and accounting tremendous growth in the income. The survey also indicates that overall growth of the IT Market of India accounts the 33% growth than the previous year.

Government of India is also helping a lot and playing key role in the success of India Software Development. It’s key role in infrastructure development of the country, it equips India with latest technology and other facilities. Country’s exposure and growth in the IT Market and Offshore Development has also solved out the unemployment issue of India. Again the growth of the country in BPO Industry has also provided India Software Development, a new way to compete in the IT Market globally. Along with the software services, gradually the hardware market of the country is also becoming demanded with the increased sales of PC and laptop.

These are some of the facts and figures that represent the position of country in the IT Market globally and the possible future of India Software Development.