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Sunday, August 06, 2006

India Software Development may face Challenges

India Software Development may face challenges in the near future according to the industry experts. India's domination in the Software Outsourcing market may be challenged as an emerging and prime location that gains prominence with Information Technology Companies seeking access to talents, mainly non-English languages that are missing in existing locations. Some other destinations such as China, Philippines and Russia are also doing well for overseas services in the Information Technology Industry and they might create some problems for India Software Development. Though, India is really doing well in the field of software and services and its demand for call-center and BPO Services is also increasing globally.
The states and figures suggest that India is leading currently for the offshore delivery landscape worldwide. Country India is also accounting for over half the agent positions globally. It is also in the first generation offshore destinations because of its increasing global demand. Along with the Information Technology services India is also becoming more popular and demanded for call-center and BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) Services. Though, India is doing well in all these fields it seems to have challenges are also increasing for the country. Countries like Philippine, China, Canada and many others have also started to act seriously in the overseas IT Industry and making good presence overall. Though, till date the popularity of India is not affected but still all these countries can definitely pose some heavy challenges for India.

Competitions for India Software Development

It is also stated by the industry experts that other emerging locations are also likely to achieve importance as companies seek access to some good skills and non-English talents also. This report was declared by National Association for Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM). It can create some competitions for India Software Development. The report also stated that many India-based IT Organizations have started to develop scale in these new destinations to maintain their market reputation for possible Software Outsourcing Services. The popularity and demand of India is maintained because of its low-price and high-quality delivery model. But new arrivals in the market are also following the same strategy, so it could really create some competitions for India Software Development. If we consider the current market India is leader and dominating the software market globally.
The survey also suggest that till date the popularity of the India Software Development was maintained due to its one-size-fits-all (location, technology, model) option but now such model doesn’t exists as emerging locations are also providing the same services as the best Software Outsourcing Model. The survey also suggests that country has also started to gain popularity in the field of call-center, BPO and KPO apart from the software services. In this way the balance of IT Outsourcing services to India is getting balanced. Though India is doing well for possible overseas IT service, still they need to put more efforts to maintain the position of India Software Development.
Emergence of new destinations may seem to put some serious competition for India in the field of software and services. Still industry experts suggest that it will not affect the demand and reputation of India Software Development.