The latest study suggests that the process of Offshore Software Development is growing faster as IT Companies are taking more and more help from Offshore Outsourcing services providers. In current market, small size software product development seems to be one of the fastest growing industry and booming rapidly. More and more development work in such industry is crossing the borders. Again Information Technology Industry is on the top among these small size product development along with other industries such as aerospace, medical industry and many other. Offshore Software Development provides more return on the investment for the investors and helps them in cutting the R&D and other development costs.

If we consider the overall offshore market, the total market value has become 10 times more than it was almost a 5 years back. The main reason behind the rapid growth of the overseas services is the unbelievable cost advantage it provides. If we consider the Information Technology Industry, India, China, Philippines, Russia and some other countries are the most demanded one. Among all these India is ruling for the overseas software and other IT services. India has the highest share of overseas development market in the filed of Information Technology. Again big IT giants such as IBM, Microsoft and other companies such as Motorola, Texas Insurance and all are also eying India for software and other product development services.

Offshore Software Development Services

All these big companies are heavily investing in India for the purpose of Offshore Software Development services. Ferrari is also working very closely with TCS India for multi-million dollar engineering and other services. As far as India is concern, the economic growth of the country is also on the improving stage and all credit goes to Offshore Outsourcing services to the country. Such Offshore Software Development services started with some high tech organizations for the development purpose, but now it has spread in the different industries such as telecommunication, health care, insurance and many other industries. Today the demand of the Indian talents in the field of the software and services is touching the sky. India is also getting demanded for call-center and KPO (Knowledge Process Outsourcing) Services because India has vast pool of English speaking people.

The sector of Offshore Software Development is really booming in India and growth of IT Industry is also improving very rapidly. Bangalore city of India has become the global development center and Offshore Outsourcing Services hub. Most of the Indian, overseas and globally demanded Information Technology companies have their remarkable presence in Bangalore. Along with Bangalore other cities of the country such as Pune, Ahmedabad, Chennai and many other are also becoming now eye catching for overseas companies for Offshore Software Development to India.

One thing is sure that the growth of the country India in the field of software and services is increasing rapidly. It is also true that Offshore Software Development services to India has been a life line for the country in may ways.