Sharp growth of India Software Development is in the Information Technology Industry has changed the scenario of the country globally. India has been one of the most popular and most demanded countries for all possible lower cost and best quality Offshore Outsourcing services. Globally India is on the no. 1 position for overseas services. Other countries such as Philippines, China, Russia and many more are also trying to make global impact in the filed of overseas Information Technology Services. The main purpose behind such popularity of India Software Development is the facility the country provides for overseas software and other services. Country’s income graph is also on the growing phase because of the sharp growth of the country.

As far India is concerned there are lots of advantages with the country such as lower development cost, huge presence of Information Technology Talents, Good Infrastructure Development, Better Telecommunication Facility and many more. These factors lead the overseas companies and countries to invest more in India and because of that country’s IT Industry is now worth of US$ 38 billion in the year 2006-2007. Better quality services and stable pricing policy is also playing the key role in the growth and the success of the country. More and more overseas project development work is coming on the way to India. NASSCOM India has also projected the good growth in import-export services of the country.

Growth of India Software Development

In India Software Development, IT services Industry has grown by almost 30 per cent compared to the year 2005-2006. It is really very impressive performance of the country in the field of Offshore Outsourcing Industry. Along with the software services, BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) industry is also booming in the country and bagging the business of more than 6.2 billion US$ revenue in the last financial year. As far as employment issue is there, the sources suggest that it has also risen in the country with the growth of India Software Development. More and more employment opportunities are coming up with the success and growth of the country in the Information Technology Industry.

If we consider the present scenario in the country, BPO and Call-Center Industries are on the heavy boom along with Information Technology in India Software Development. Many of the IT companies from the overseas countries are investing heavily in India in the call-center industry for Offshore Outsourcing services to the country. Economic growth of the country is also increasing along with the increment of overseas investment. This foreign investment in the country is also helping the India Software Development in reducing the unemployment issues.

If the growth of the country will continue to move in the same way, than country India will surely be on the position from where it will not be possible for any country to compete with India Software Development.