Software Development and its new trend of Engineering Service Outsourcing seems to create new opportunities for the Engineering Industry as the demand of engineering services as a part of overseas dealing is increasing. The global trend is changing and now the engineering is the hottest market globally for Offshore Outsourcing business process. The financial figure also suggests that, sector itself covers around 2 percent of the GDP (Gross Domestic Product). Allocating the engineering resources for Software Development service is also helping in creating the great impact globally. It helps in offering the pool of skilled labor as a part of qualitative services to sustain in the highly competitive market.

Engineering has many different sectors where hi-tech services are must. Among these sectors telecom seems to be rapidly growing and most promising one where engineering services can bring remarkable innovation. Market study also suggests that telecom sector almost covers 30% of the high-tech market. Investment in telecom sector is also on the boom. Heavy competition in the market also increases the pressure for the best quality services to sustain in the market. Though, with the qualitative services cost cutting is also the prime focus for almost all the industries.

Software Development Services

India is a pool of highly qualified resources for Software Development services. Implementation of engineering services and talents into the overseas business process is expected to fetch the best out put as a combination of high quality and cost effective services from the house of India. As far as Asia is concerned India and China are the closest competitors to win the larger market share for the telecom services and other Offshore Outsourcing business market. As far as India is concerned it has a small market share compared to its overseas Software Development industry and call center (BPO) market. But the engineering market from the house of India is expected to grow rapidly with the increasing demand of the country and it is also expected to increase from 12% to 30% by the year 2020.

India is constantly improving its local market and tries to offer the best and cost effective services to the globe. Software Development Companies in the country are also investing heavily for technology innovation and for developing new capabilities. Development & Growth of engineering industry as a part of Offshore Outsourcing would also help the companies to expand their R&D services. Experts also suggest that demand of engineering expertise would increase rapidly and IT Countries such as India would play a key role to offer the top quality Software Development and other high-end IT services.

Market of engineering outsourcing is on the boom at the moment as the companies are now looking to have not only cost effective services but they also want the quality services as a part of Software Development Project.