Software Development Outsourcing revenue of India goes up by almost 32 per cent and reached to US$ 6.6 in the April-June quarter, declared by the trade union body. General study also suggests that more and more Offshore Outsourcing Companies from USA and UK are eyeing India for the overseas development solution as the development cost in the country is very low – almost 4 to 5 time lower than it is in US region. Again India also has the best quality and highly qualified IT Professionals. Country also has the great fluency over the English language and it is also playing key role in the success of the country for Offshore Software Development services. Study also suggests that till date South Asian Countries are the most preferred locations for Western Companies for their overseas development hunt

The financial facts and figures suggest that exports of information technology and software development services amounted total 295 billion Indian rupees around US$6.57 billion, euro5.14 billion in the first fiscal quarter. This financial figure is almost 32.3 per cent up from almost a year back. Study also suggests that no. of western companies is shifting their back-office and other non-core development work to India to focus more on the core business activities. By this way they are also able to make the good cost cutting and earning lots of profit as the development and labor cost in India is almost 4 to 5 time less than western regions. By the way India also gets lots of employment opportunities in the country.

Software Development Outsourcing Services

India also has become the center of attraction globally for lower development cost and top quality Application Development Outsourcing services. India has many IT Colleges and universities from while thousands of IT graduates pass out in the market. Most of the top level Offshore Outsourcing Companies from the IT Industry hires these talents with good pay out ratio. Indian IT talents are also demanded globally and many top level IT Companies from the globe have also started to hire Indian IT talents with some lucrative offers. India also has high quality communication and infrastructure development facilities with it and that also adds credit in the success of the country for smooth Software Development Outsourcing services.

The IT experts of the country also suggest that the demand of India is still expected to remain same and might go up during the remaining quarter for possible Software Development Outsourcing services. The experts also expect that whole-year exports amount might end around 1.4 trillion rupees, means somewhere around 33 percent more than last fiscal year. The whole credit goes to the development of the country during the last one or two years in the field of information technology. Country also has faced tremendous growth in the field of Software Development Outsourcing services and more and more Offshore Outsourcing Companies are emerging in the country.

The above issue suggests that India is really growing rapid for the overseas development services in the field of Information Technology and Software Development Outsourcing services.